BYC Regional Qualifiers

The British Youth Fencing Championships are running on the 29 April to the 1 May and you can find further information about the tournament here. This is an essential tournament for younger competitive fencers wanting to progress their fencing to national or international levels.  

To enter this competition, you need to enter a regional qualifying competition. Some fencers will have byes from last year’s competition. British Fencing will contact those fencers and you can check who they are here. Fencers with byes STILL NEED TO ENTER THEIR REGIONAL EVENT although you do not have to fence in the qualifier.

There are four regions in Scotland (West, North, Central and East) and you need to enter the qualifier in the region specified on your membership. (please note you can only change your region when you renew your membership).

Scotland North and West:

To enter the North and West regional qualifying competition please contact the regional coordinators below with a note of which age group and which weapon you wish to fence.

North Section                    Fionna Shearer

West Section                     tbc (email the office in the meantime)

Please return any notes of interest by 31 January 2016.

Scotland Central  

Complete the application form which you can find here and return by 25 February 2017

Scotland East

We will publish dates for qualifiers as soon as they become available (this is unlikely to be until February as last year competitions were held in March). Contact Don McKenzie if you have any further questions.


Regional coordinators will only run competitions if there are sufficient entries.