Edinburgh - Ready Steady Fence Festival

Scottish Fencing is holding a READY STEADY FENCE Festival in Edinburgh on Saturday 15th October 2016.

The event will take place at ORIAM (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS) alongside the Scottish Open.

The event is open to all Primary 4-7 that have participated in plastics fencing classes in school/club.

Registration:   12.30 - 12.45

Start Time:      13.00

Finish Time:    16.30

Afterwards, children taking part will have the opportunity to see some 'real' fencing, as the event will be scheduled to allow them to watch the final stages of the Scottish Open Men's Epee & Sabre and Women's Sabre Competitions, which will just be starting.

Competition Format:

Fencers will be seeded into groups of six according to age and experience, and each fencer will fence everyone in their group.  After each round, fencers will be reseeded so that, by the end of the third and final round, fencers will be in a group that best matches their ability.  For the first two rounds, each fight will last no more than two minutes or the first to three hits, and the referee may give guidance to fencers, helping them to understand what is happening and improve their fencing. For the final round, each fight will last no more than three minutes or the first fencer to score five hits.

Equipment Regulations:

Fencers should wear tracksuit trousers, trainers and a long-sleeved top.  Scottish Fencing will provide all the necessary plastic fencing equipment.

Scottish Fencing Membership:

As the festival involves a competition, fencers MUST have Scottish Fencing membership – minimum STARTER level.  See below for further information.

Entry Fee:

Entry Fee is £15 for all participants.

Members of Scottish Fencing will receive a discount code for a future READY STEADY FENCE event.  If you need to renew your membership, please do so before completing this entry form.

Non-members will have their first Scottish Fencing Starter membership included at no extra cost.  By entering the event, parents/carers agree that their child can join Scottish Fencing.

Places are limited, so enter now to guarantee your place.


The third round is the decider with prizes for first place in every group. There will also be special prizes awarded for good sporting behaviour, style and potential.

Parents/carers should stay and watch their child. Viewing will be from the designated area.

If you find yourself running late, please contact 07803 207349 to let us know you are still coming. Your fencer may have to fence all their fights one after the other if they arrive after the start time.

If you find you are unable to attend, please let us know so we can offer the place to someone else. It makes the festival run to time if we know you can’t come.

If you have any queries regarding this event or other opportunities for participating in fencing, please contact:

CAR STEVENSON, National Development Officer – Car.Stevenson@scottish-fencing.com