Scottish Youth Series - information for Fencers, Coaches and Parents

A few words from Scottish Fencing’s Performance Manager Don McKenzie to aspiring Youth Fencers…


Hi Scottish Youth Fencer, Coach or Parent!

The start of the 2016-2017 season is upon us and Scottish Fencing is consolidating the ‘season’ established for under-13s and under-15s last year. Although Fencers are free to pick and choose from the events available, to get the most benefit we hope that you will engage fully with Scottish Fencing’s comprehensive programme of competition and training as follows:

*Nine Scottish Competitions at your age group1;

  • Four Youth Development Series competitions
  • Three Scottish Fencing Academy qualification events
  • The Leon Paul Junior Series (Scotland)
  • The Scottish Youth Championships

*An International event – ‘Challenge Wratislavia’ in Poland,

*Five Scottish Fencing Academy training Sundays and…

*The Scottish Fencing Academy Summer Camp.

The dates of almost all of these events are already on the Scottish Fencing calendar (look in ‘events’ on the Scottish Fencing web site).

The benefits of fully engaging with the programme are:

  • to give a sense of purpose to your season and a challenge to qualify for ‘Challenge Wratislavia’2 or finish the season with a good ranking3,
  • to get you on the ‘Pathway’ to being a successful International Fencer,
  • to expose you to new sparring partners and new training ideas as you work with some of our best Coaches at the SFA training events,
  • to get expert Strength and Conditioning from a qualified Instructor, an important part of a successful athlete’s training environment, and…
  • to give you a chance to make new friends with Fencers from other clubs, who may well be your future Scottish Team-Mates!

Add the events in the Scottish Fencing Academy Youth Programme to your 2016-2017 season calendar now and get on the Pathway to International Fencing!


1. Note about equipment and age groups;

Lam̩ bibs at Foil Рrequired at any age group that use size 5 blade (under 15 or older).

800N glove at Sabre - required at any age group that use size 5 blade (under 15 or older).

2. Note about qualification for Wratislavia;

Selection for Challenge Wratislavia will be based upon the best four from the six events completed by 22nd January. The top two in each ranking list are guaranteed selection provided there have been at least six entrants in each qualifying competition. Where there are fewer than six, discretion will be applied by the selectors. The selectors may select more than two in each weapon but that too will be based upon discretionary consideration of results and standards.

Points from qualification events are calculated by multiplying standard ‘place multipliers’ (20 for 1st, 18 for 2nd…) by the number of competitors (so competitions with bigger entries offer more points).

3. Note about Scottish ranking;

The rankings will continue after Challenge Wratislavia with the final ranking being calculated on the basis of the best 6 results from a possible 9.


Current rankings


201610 U13 Boys Epee Rankings.pdf440.74 KB
201610 U13 Boys Foil Rankings.pdf450.74 KB
201610 U13 Boys Sabre Rankings.pdf445.6 KB
201610 U13 Girls Epee Rankings.pdf426.53 KB
201610 U13 Girls Foil Rankings.pdf447.05 KB
201610 U13 Girls Sabre Rankings.pdf431.05 KB
201610 U15 Boys Epee Rankings.pdf450.12 KB
201610 U15 Boys Foil Rankings.pdf451.64 KB
201606 Boys U15 Sabre ranking.pdf315.77 KB
201610 U15 Girls Epee Rankings.pdf437.44 KB
201610 U15 Girls Foil Rankings.pdf448.2 KB
201610 U15 Girls Sabre Rankings.pdf441.67 KB