2016 Epee Development Day

This is on hold until later in the year - we hope to finalise a date late spring/early summer.


The Epee Development day is for everyone fencing epee.

The idea of the day is to create a learning environment where those more experienced in coaching or fencing epee can share their experience and knowledge. 

If you are a fencer this is an opportunity to check - do you have the elementary skills foundations you need to fence epee - what, if any, corrections to your skills will give you better results. If the foundation skills are in your fencing the course aims to look at how else you can improve your training to enhance your fencing.

The course is for everyone - beginner or experienced. There won't be a rigid format or syllabus. The day will focus on who is there and what they would like to improve.

We have still to find a date and venue as the original date clashed with a Scottish Fencing Academy training day. If you are interested contact Andy Alderman using the office email admin@scottish-fencing.com