Commonwealth Junior Fencing Championship 2012 - Selection Criteria


The Commonwealth Junior Fencing Championships 2012 (CJFC2012) will be held in St Helier, Jersey, on 14-19 February 2012.  

The primary tool for selection for the CJFC2012 will be the GB Junior ranking list at 1st November 2011.  

To be eligible for selection fencers must be in the top 48 in the GB Junior ranking or top 16 of the GB Cadet ranking. Fencers who appear within the ranking lists with no points will not be considered.

Up to 5 fencers can be selected for each of the 6 teams.

The top 3 Scots on the GB Junior ranking will be automatically selected, provided that they are in the top 32 of the ranking.

The final 2 places (or more if there are not 3 Scots in the top 32) will be selected with reference to the GB Junior and Cadet ranking (and any other information considered relevant by the Performance Committee).

Anyone who is unable to compete in a competition which they feel will adversely affect their ranking due to injury or illness must inform the Youth Manager within 3 weeks of that competition taking place.

 Best of luck to all those aiming for selection.

Jen Hansen

Youth Team Manager