Wheelchair Fencing Introduction

Have you ever tried the challenge of wheelchair fencing?

Scottish Fencing, in partnership with the British Disabled Fencing Association, are hosting a two day event for the development of wheelchair fencing. Both days will provide opportunities for coaches, fencers and volunteers to learn the skills and rules necessary for wheelchair fencing and refereeing. 

Scottish Fencing is committed to inclusivity and to helping break down the barriers to participation by encouraging clubs, coaches and fencers to come and learn about wheelchair fencing at our forthcoming workshop.

It is hoped that through this event we can raise awareness about wheelchair fencing, help encourage participation in fencing from the disabled community and provide some knowledge to help develop the integration of wheelchair fencing into existing clubs. In the afternoon sessions of both days ( Sat 28th/Sun 29th April) there will be taster sessions for those interested in trying it out.

The coaching module will take place on Sat 28th April from 9 am to 12 noon. There will be an opportunity to take an assessment and upon successful completion a certificate will be awarded.

Anyone curious about wheelchair fencing,  how to referee, or who would like to take part in the taster sessions should come along on either day between 1pm and 3.30 pm to explore the fun and unique problem solving challenges that wheelchair fencing poses. This is an ideal opportunity to learn about wheelchair fencing, the benefits it offers to clubs and the issues surrounding its development.

There will be no charge for the event.

The workshop will be held on Sat 28th /Sun 29th April at Holyrood RC High School, 55 Duddingston Road West, Edinburgh, EH5 3ST.

If you would like to come along as a

  • coach,
  • disabled participant,
  • volunteer,
  • fencer

or just someone who would like to see what wheelchair fencing is all about,

please email Scottish Fencing's office admin@scottish-fencing.com giving your name and age. Please also say in which of these capacities you would like to attend.