Scottish Veterans Team - Selection Criteria

Weapon Captains are appointed by the Scotland Veterans Team Manager. They select team members based on results achieved in the 12 months prior to the event, as at 2, 3 or 4 months (see below*) before the event, with those results weighted by - initially - external bodies, then by how tough the competition was. So, candidates for selection will be ranked as follows:

  • World senior ranking - those who have one, will be picked first
  • GB senior ranking - after the above choice, again - those who have one, will be picked first
  • Scottish senior ranking - as above
  • Scottish Open ranking - if you entered and others didn't, you will be picked - if there were others, your place in the results will decide if you are picked
  • Any Scottish Championship (if held) ranking - as per Scottish Open
  • British Veteran's ranking - if the above is not enough to determine the candidates
  • Previous Scotland Veterans results - if the above is not enough
  • Support for fencing in Scotland - if all else fails, weapon captains will judge on this basis


* Cutoff is based on the travel expected for likely candidates (who must confirm their interest) as follows, and will be announced as soon as possible on the website:

  • 2 month - within the UK
  • 3 months - within Europe
  • 4 months - outside Europe


Weapon Captains are eligible for selection if they meet the same selection criteria.


    July 2011

    Amended January 2014 based on changes agreed July 2013, updated March 2014 to clarify that Weapon Captains eligibility for selection, and October 2014 to clarify that weapon captains must meet the selection criteria.


    November 2017 

    Increased cutoff times to allow those selected to plan their travel and accommodation better.


    March 2018

    If you are a Veteran fencer (over 40) and wish to be considered in the selection for Scotland any Veteran's Events, please contact who will put you in contact with the appropriate weapon captain.  The captains will be contacting those who have previously fenced for Scotland in Veterans events directly.