Veterans Weapon Captains 2014

Weapon Captains are appointed for the Scotland Veterans events, and they apply the selection criteria to pick the members of the team (which can be up to 5, on the basis that the Captain may be fencing). Scotland hosts three major events this year. The following are the appointments for the first event in 2014 (the Veterans Home International):

Men's Foil: Mike McEwan
Men's Epee: Brian McMiken
Men's Sabre: Paul Donaldson

Ladies Foil: Sheila Anderson
Ladies Epee: Karen Grant
Ladies Sabre: Michele Narey

Selection criteria are available on the SF website at - note that if an eligible fencer is not available for whatever reason, the next ranked becomes eligible. The above Weapon Captains will contact those who are eligible, and the team selections will be published in line with the lead times described in the selection criteria.

Note: any fencers who wish to be considered for selection should an eligible fencer be unavailable are strongly advised to make this known to the relevant Weapon Captain as soon as possible, and definitely in advance of the selection lead times. If you have any difficulty making contact please email or