How Do I Start?


Where can I start? There's a network of friendly fencing clubs up and down the country, and at many schools and universities. Have a look at our club list to find your nearest club and contact them, or just turn up! Or contact Scottish Fencing if you don't see a local club listed.

The following clubs regularly run Beginner Classes - use the link below to find further details

Salle Holyrood (Edinburgh) 

Edinburgh Fencing Club

What do I need? Not much! Clubs provide safe fencing equipment for new starts - you just need to bring indoor trainers and some loose clothing (eg, tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt).

How will I learn? Your club will teach you, either through a class lesson where you practice with other beginners or through individual coaching, depending on the size of the club.

How much does it cost? Most clubs allow beginners to try fencing for a nominal fee, and equipment is provided.

What if I like it? If you enjoy fencing and want to continue we recommend you join Scottish Fencing. Your club will advise you about how to improve and get involved in competitions if you want. And you can browse this website to find out about the various fencing events taking place around the country.

I'm a teacher... How can my pupils try fencing? If you want to introduce fencing to your school or local community Scottish Fencing can help you. It's quite possible to start a club even with little or no fencing experience using plastic swords. Fencers can then go on to metal fencing by joining a local club and Scottish Fencing can help them to find a local club they can join.  Please contact our Club Development Manager //">Blair Cremin