2018 Youth Home Nations - update

Scottish Fencing put a call out for junior fencers who would be interested in representing Scotland at the Youth Home Nations which are being held in Cardiff in September. Following a highly successful Cadet and Junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships (CJCFC) many of the team selected for that event were unable to attend the Home nations and we thought this would be a great opportunity for those who didn’t fence at the CJCFC to have a great weekend of individual and team fencing.

We had some interest from the fencing community but not enough to send a team. The cost to each fencer was £180 and with the few names put forward if Scottish Fencing were to send a squad the cost of supporting staff would have been spread amongst only a few squad members making it very expensive.  

Scottish Fencing took the decision to not send a Scottish team but invited those who had put their name forward to form a “barbarians” team with Welsh fencing. Welsh Fencing will support those who attend the event but parents will need to accompany fencers as they would if they entered an open or individual fencing competition.