School Games 2016; Info & Optional information for Selectors

The Sainsbury's School Games 2016 will take place on 1-4 Sep in Loughborough.   More information here.  This is a Scottish Team representative event by invitation only and involves fencers from each of the home countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).   Each country will take a team of four fencers in each weapon and the same four fencers will take part in both the individual and the team events.  All fencers selected must be under 18 on the 1st January 2016 and at least 13 years old at the event. You can't compete in more than one weapon and you must be eligible to fence for Scotland.

The event is fully subsidised.  There is no cost for travel (from central belt start point onwards) or accommodation.  Team clothing is also provided.  

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria have been defined by British Fencing on behalf of the School Games organisers and are the same for all Home Countries.  

Automatic Selections;  The top two fencers in the 1st April GB Junior rankings in each weapon will be selected automatically as long as they are in the top 75% of the rankings with points.

Discretionary Places;  The other two places will be selected by the Scottish Fencing Team Selection Group. If there are less than two fencers in the first two automatic selection places (as detailed above) then these places will also be selected by the Selection Group.  

If you wish to be considered for a discretionary place you have the option of completing this Fencer Information for Selectors (FIS) form. We will publish a closing date for this form shortly.  

Note that this form is optional and is designed for you to convey any additional information to the selectors that you would like considered.  For example, notable results that do not appear on GB or FIE rankings, injuries or other factors which may have affected your recent results.   

Note that those who have secured automatic selection places do not need to complete it.  

Please also complete the form if you feel you are in contention for a place and do not wish to be considered or will not be available to compete.