2015 Winton Cup; Section Team competition

The Winton Cup is a two day 6 weapon tournament where regions fight to become the UK regional champion.   For 2015, Scotland is eligible to field two teams Atlantic'- North/West Section and 'North Sea' - Central/ East Section. If you wish to be a part of these teams please nominate yourself by completing an online application form http://goo.gl/forms/G0EiSTE7Wh or emailing admin@scottish-fencing.com with your answers. Entry deadline is 14 June.

The Winton is a competitive and fun national event that attracts fencers with a range of abilities from across the UK. Many regions use the Winton as a development opportunity for other national individual and team events, others just for some fun! Last year eight British regions contested the 2014 Senior Cup so there is plenty of fencing over the two days of competition.

The event is open to all fencers over 13 years of age who live, fence or can otherwise attribute a strong connection to a Scottish region*. We will select teams depending on number of applications for each weapon, (and then rankings and recent performance) so contact us now! We will try and accommodate everyone that wishes to participate.

As well as fencers, we are also looking for referees, team captains, helpers and all round star supporters!

Date: SATURDAY 4 JULY 2015

Location: Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Clifton Campus, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham

We hope to hear from you soon,



Winton cup eligibility Rules V 7.2

3.1 Have been born within their geographical area; or

2.3.2 Have been either permanently or normally resident within their geographical area since the

January 1st of the season in which a particular event is held; or

2.3.3 Have been a member of a Club affiliated to British Fencing located within their geographical areasince the January 1st of the season in which a particular event is held; or

2.3.4 Have registered with a specific region as part of their British Fencing Membership.

2.3.5 Having represented the team in a previous Winton Cup (or Cadet Winton Cup), having qualified

under 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 above and has not represented another team subsequently.  

2.3.6 Temporary absence from a team’s geographical area for the purpose of education does not

render a fencer ineligible for selection by that team.

2.4 The Combined Services may select fencers that are serving regular or reserve members of HM

Armed Forces, or members of Commonwealth Armed Forces serving within the British Isles or

territorial waters.

2.5 Protests against the eligibility of a selected fencer must be lodged with the Directoire Technique no later than 12:00 on the Saturday of the particular event, stating the precise reasons for the protest.  

2.6 Where the Directoire Technique considers that a team has selected an ineligible fencer, that fencer shall take no further part in the event. Any bout already fought by that fencer shall be treated as though the fencer had lost the bout by a score of 5?0.

2.7 Where the team is unable to provide a substitute to replace the ineligible fencer the weapon team affected shall be declared to be incomplete, and shall take no further part in the event.