CFFC Selection Update

Attached are the Scottish rankings for July.
These show everyone who is eligible for selection for the Scotland team for the CFFCs who are currently in the top 100 of the GB rankings.(This includes those awaiting outcome of an eligibility appeal to CFF)
If you believe you are eligible, but do not appear on these rankings you must email Valerie Cramb before the selection date of 1st August.
MEN'S FOIL - July 2014 
RankingNameGB Ranking
1Richard Kruse1
2Keith Cook6
3Jamie Fitzgerald8
4Jack Watson12
5Jonathan Woollard27
6Alex Williams39
7Calum De Sainte Croix40
8Scott Brodie41
9Ed Sibert42
10Paul Stanbridge49
11Nicholas Mort52
12Christopher Mollard57



WOMEN'S FOIL - July 2014 
RankingNameGB Ranking
1Georgia Hannay3
2Ruth Clarke4
3Catriona Sibert6
4Lisa McKenzie8
5Chloe Dickson10
6Katie Smith11
7Tracy McKenzie16
8Maria Cabrelli36
9Mhairi De Sainte Croix38
10Mhairi Gifford46
11Ailsa Morrison54
12Lorna Martin55


MEN'S EPEE - July 2014 
RankingNameGB Ranking
1Neill Tannock17
2Chris Hay19
3George Liston22
4Tom Hoffmann27
5Chris Rocks28
6Campbell Thomson50
7Calum Johnston74
8Michael McCourt78


WOMEN'S EPEE-July 2014 
RankingNameGB Ranking
1Georgina Usher6
2Louise Helyer15
3Lucy Ridsdale17
4Georgina Barrington20
5Mhairi De Sainte Croix25
6Mhairi Spence37
7Freyja Prentice59
8Abigail Harvey60
9Elena Rainero63


MEN'S SABRE - July 2014 
RankingNameGB Ranking
1Michael Clarke9
2Stephen Rocks 12
3Glenn Sancroft23
4Rob Veitch25
5Stuart Scott29
6Julian Ghosh45
7James Anderson48
8Barry Coulter54
9Harry Moncreiff66
10Andrew Williamson83
11Fraser Woodburn86


WOMEN'S SABRE - July 2014 
RankingNameGB Ranking
1Alice Watson3
2Jennifer Sancroft13
3Michelle Guarino20
4Kate Daykin22
5Michele Narey40
6Louise Creechan41
7Victoria Carson46
8Alexandra Mailey69
9Jessica Corby73
10Sarah-Jane Hampson76
11Chloe Dickson88
12Mhairi De Sainte Croix94