Elite Athlete Funding Announcement

In order to continue to meet the requirements laid down by sportscotland, the SF Board and Performance Committee have developed and agreed a new Elite Funding system. The purpose of the Funding is to support the efforts of those who stand the best chance of making senior GB teams.


We have used our best efforts to create a new system that is completely objective and which takes full account of the new GB regime for selecting squad and team fencers. Funding will, therefore, be awarded each year on the basis of the previous season’s performance.  A weighting system is produced each year by PC and ratified by the Board, which rewards selection and performance of Cadet and Junior fencers included in GB teams at major championships and selection and performance of Senior fencers at major championships, Grands Prix and World Cups during the previous season.


The awards may be claimed retrospectively against expenditure incurred in the season of the award for any training and competition costs (for Cadet and Junior fencers) and for costs associated exclusively with overseas competition and training (for Senior fencers).


Awards for this season are as follows:


Jack Hudson - £2200

Keith Cook - £2200

Molly Hudson - £1400

Michael Clarke - £1200

Catriona Sibert - £1200

Kate Daykin - £650

Chloe Dickson - £650

Alice Watson - £250

Neill Tannock - £250