2017 Challenge Wratislavia - final rankings and selection

Final rankings are published below - if you have any questions or if there are any errors please contact us as soon as you notice them.

The selection process to choose the Squad that will represent Scotland at the 2017 Challenge Wratislavia is now underway and we hope to announce the decisions soon.

Should any fencer want to be considered for selection in exceptional circumstances, please complete the ‘FIS Form’ located here link



20170123 U13 Boys Epee.pdf447.83 KB
20170123 U13 Boys Foil.pdf460.54 KB
20170123 U13 Boys Sabre.pdf450.63 KB
20170123 U13 Girls epee.pdf451.77 KB
20170123 U13 Girls Foil.pdf453.2 KB
20170123 U13 Girls sabre.pdf449.32 KB
20170123 U15 Boys epee.pdf456.96 KB
20170123 U15 Boys foil.pdf459.47 KB
20170123 U15 Boys Sabre.pdf441.1 KB
20170123 U15 Girls epee.pdf460.52 KB
20170123 U15 Girls foil.pdf455.36 KB
20170123 U15 Girls Sabre.pdf458.89 KB