2017 U15 Qualifers - current rankings

These are the current rankings - there is still one competition left before selection for Challenge Wratislavia.

If there are any errors or ommissions please email us as soon as you see them as the selectors will be making their decisions soon.

Good luck to all fencing at the weekend!

20170120 U13 Boys Epee.pdf448.1 KB
20170120 U13 Boys Foil.pdf459.96 KB
20170120 U13 Boys Sabre.pdf451.1 KB
20170120 U13 Girls Epee.pdf445.06 KB
20170120 U13 Girls Foil.pdf454.71 KB
20170120 U13 Girls Sabre.pdf449.33 KB
20170120 U15 Boys Epee.pdf456.59 KB
20170120 U15 Boys Foil.pdf458.35 KB
20170120 U15 Boys Sabre.pdf435.94 KB
20170120 U15 Girls Epee.pdf459.82 KB
20170120 U15 Girls Foil.pdf455.13 KB
20170120 U15 Girls Sabre.pdf458.02 KB