2016 U15 U13 Rankings after 4 rounds Entry to 14 Jan

Please check the lists below, these are the current rankings after 4 qualifying competitions. The next competition is the 22 January and the entry form is available below.


If any corrections are needed please email the office. The office is closed until the 5 January so we will process corrections as soon as we can in the New Year. Have a lovely festive break and we will see you in 2017!

201612 U13 Boys Epee.pdf447.98 KB
201612 U13 Boys Foil.pdf458.54 KB
201612 U13 Boys Sabre.pdf452.06 KB
201612 U15 Boys Epee.pdf456.1 KB
201612 U15 Boys Foil.pdf457.79 KB
201612 U15 Boys Sabre.pdf434.01 KB
201612 U15 Girls Epee.pdf459.55 KB
201612 U15 Girls Foil.pdf454.82 KB
201612 U15 Girls Sabre.pdf456.62 KB
201612 U13 Girls Epee.pdf442.1 KB
201612 U13 Girls Foil.pdf452.93 KB
201612 U13 Girls Sabre.pdf447.46 KB