2016 U15 and U13 Rankings after 3 competitions

Please check and if any corrections are needed please email the office. Next competition is 10 December and good luck to all fencing in the Scottish Schools individual on the 26 and 27 November. 



201611 U13 Boys Epee.pdf447.61 KB
201611 U13 Boys Foil.pdf458.51 KB
201611 U13 Boys Sabre.pdf451.98 KB
201611 U13 Girls Epee.pdf443.91 KB
201611 U13 Girls Sabre.pdf449.01 KB
201611 U15 Boys Sabre.pdf432.06 KB
201611 U15 Boys Foil.pdf455.09 KB
201611 U15 Boys Epee.pdf453.11 KB
201611 U15 Girls Foil.pdf454.72 KB
201611 U15 Girls Sabre.pdf456.31 KB
201611 U15 Girls Epee.pdf457.36 KB
201611 U13 Girls Foil V2.pdf451.86 KB