2015 U15 and U13 Qualifiers

The Youth Weapon Coordinators have published the current rankings for the Youth Qualifiers following the competition at the weekend.

If you have any corrections please email admin@scottish-fencing.com as soon as possible.

These lists are what Scottish Fencing will use to select for Challenge Wratislavia. If you have anything you wish the selectors to take into consideration please email admin@scottish-fencing.com and Liz will forward this onto the relevant Youth Weapon Co-ordinators. We need this information by 20 January 2016. The sort of information the selectors need is for example details of any injuries that may have prevented you from competing.

Likewise if you are in the top three of the rankings and do not wish to be considered for selection it would really help the selectors to know this. The selectors may not take three fencers per weapon but it will greatly help with planning if we know by Wednesday 20 January those fencers who do not wish to be a part of the squad.




20160118 U15 U13 Girls Sabre.pdf243.27 KB
20160118 U15 U13 Girls Epee.pdf343.16 KB
20160118 U15 U13 Boys Sabre.pdf265.82 KB
20160118 U 15 U13 Girls Foil.pdf287.45 KB
20160118 U15 U13 Boys Epee.pdf257.92 KB
20160118 U15 U13 Boys Foil.pdf358.46 KB