Scotland Win Celtic Challenge 2014

This year's Celtic Challenge held in South Queensferry was won by the Scottish Veterans' Team.  

The Dragon Trophy for the overall event was awarded to Karen Grant, the Scottish Women's Epee captain and organiser of the event.The Dragon Trophy

Individual Weapon Results

Men's Epee

  • Gold - Shane Whelan (Ireland)
  • Silver - Alastair Urquhart (Scotland)
  • Bronze - Mike McEwan (Scotland) & Jose Pinerio (Galicia)


Women's Epee

  • Gold - Rosa Maria Diosa (Galicia)
  • Silver - Araceli Bugallo Otero (Galica)
  • Bronze - Jose Maria Cordero (Asturias) & Jane Hutchison (Cornwall)


Men's Sabre

  • Gold - James Longton (Wales)
  • Silver - Richard Bonehill (Cornwall)
  • Bronze - Keith Davidson (Scotland) & Stephen Ferguson (Scotland)


Women's Sabre

  • Gold - Jane Hutchison (Cornwall)
  • Silver - Michele Narey (Scotland)
  • Bronze - Caroline Clancy (Ireland) & Rosa Maria Diosa (Galicia)


Men's Foil

  • Gold - Philip Lee (Ireland)
  • Silver - Duncan MacFadyen (Scotland)
  • Bronze - Mike McKay (Scotland) & Alastair Urquhart (Scotland)


Women's Foil

  • Gold - Maria Rosa Diosa (Galicia)
  • Silver - Marie Steele (Scotland)
  • Bronze - Maria Cabrelli (Scotland) & Mireia S D Santos (Galicia)


Region Team Results

The Celtic Challenge is run as individual competition but the Regions nominate 3 of their fencers in each weapon whose results are used to calculate the overall Team Results.

  • 1st Scotland
  • 2nd Wales
  • 3rd Galicia
  • 4th Eire
  • =5th Asturias, Channel Islands, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland 


Full Results