Scottish Medals at the British Youth Championships 2014

There were many outstanding results from Scottish fencers at the  British Youth Championships 2014 held at the EIS, Sheffield.  Many congratulations to the following medal winners:  

Kate Daykin, Gold, Under 18 Girls Sabre 

Sarah- Jane Hampson, Silver Under 18 Girls Sabre 

Katie Smith, Silver Under 18 Girls Foil 

Sam Maclellan, SIlver Boys Under 14 Sabre

Jessica Corby, Bronze Under 16 Girls Sabre 

Sarah Barrett, Bronze Girls Under 16 Foil 



Pictures: Left to Right

Under 18 Sabre Gold and Silver medallists Kate Daykin and S-J Hampson with their coach Phil Carson

Under 14 Sabre Silver medallist Sam Maclellan (wearing lame) 

Under 18 Foil Silver medallist Katie Smith (Centre)  


Also congratulations to the following who made Last 8s and qualify automatically for next year's BYCs:

Tom Hoffman, 5th, Bots Under 18 Epee

Ailsa Morrison, 5th Girls Under 18 Foil 

Duncan Morrison, 5th, Boys Under 14 Foil 

Angus Bradie, 6th Boys Under 12 Foil 

Mhairi McLaughlin, 7th Girls Under 14 Foil

Etienne Sadeghpoor, 7th Boys Under 18 Foil

Mark Alvarez- Peres, 8th, Boys Under 14 Sabre


Full results can be found here