Scottish Secondary Schools Individuals 2012 - Results

Results from the Scottish Schools Individual Championships 2012 which was held on the 3-4th November at Linlithgow Academy.

Complete results for each event 

Under 14 Boys FoilEpeeSabre
Under 16 Boys FoilEpeeSabre
Over 16 Boys FoilEpeeSabre
Under 14 GirlsFoilEpeeSabre
Under 16 Girls FoilEpeeSabre
Over 16 Girls FoilEpeeSabre



Master at Arms

Under 14 Boys Master-at-arms:  Duncan Morrison (Woodmill High School)

Under 14 Girls Master-at-arms:  Sarah Barrett (Dunfermline High School)

Under 16 Boys Master-at-arms:   Ross Manson (Linlithgow Academy)

Under 16 Girls Master-at-arms:  Megan Gouw (Dunblane High School)

Over 16 Boys Master-at-arms:    Iain Russell  (Dunfermline High School)


Best Schools

Best Boys School  Linlithgow Academy

Best Girls School   Dunfermline High School