Swordmark Announcement - Orkney Fencing Club

Congratulations to Orkney Fencing Club, who have achieved Scottish Fencing Swordmark "Advanced" status!


Orkney Fencing Club are an excellent example of a community club, who do not let the logistical barriers of their rural island location stop them from succeeding. The club are passionate about developing opportunities for fencers from Orkney and work hard to develop a welcome, opening environment for all. Scottish Fencing would like to thank all the volunteers for the hard work they put in to create such a friendly, progressive club!


For more information on Orkney Fencing Club, please click here. Alternatively, you can check out their excellent website here.


If your club is aspirational and wishing to fulfill it’s potential, then Swordmark can help. For more information, contact Blair Cremin – Scottish Fencing Pathways Manager – at blair.cremin@scottishfencing.com.