Below is the January update of the running total of the BF ranking points scored by Scottish fencers between 1 July and 31 December 2017.

If you are on one of these lists and shouldn't be (perhaps because you are not eligible to fence for Scotland, or do not wish to) please let me know (perfomance@scottish-fencing.com). Equally if you are not on the list and think you should be, or if you think the total shown is wrong, I would also like to know, with details please. Note that you will not be on the lists if your British Fencing membership has lapsed or is no longer linked to Scottish Fencing, or if your nationality is declared as other than British.

In the light of the range of reasons put forward by a large number of fencers for declining selection for the recent Five Nations event in Cardiff, the Board has decided to revoke the provision in the Commonwealth selection criteria that fencers must have "represented Scotland at the 5 Nations Championships in 2017 if selected (unless taking part in an event which they are required to in relation to qualifying for GB teams, or unavailable due to certified injury or illness)".  This criterion will now not be taken into account by the panel of selectors in July 2018. 

Hugh Kernohan

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