Veterans Winton Cup 2016 - Results

The Veterans' Winton Cup is an annual team event, with teams representing various regions around Britain.  Scotland has never managed to provide a team but was invited to join the North Britain team a few years ago.  

After several years of receiving the "wooden spoon", this year North Britain achieved an excellent 3rd place (even with an incomplete team).  

In addition, Sheila Anderson from our team was awarded the Frank Mills Trophy for Best Women's Foil result.  A special mention also for Lorna Smith who, after Beth Davidson was injured, continued as the single member of our Women's Sabre Team.

The Scots who were in the North Britain team are as follows (several other Scots represented teams based on their home location):

  • Women's Foil
    • Sheila Anderson
    • Maria Cabrelli
    • Helen Pitt
  • Men's Foil
    • David Hinley
    • Mike McEwan
    • Kevin Milne
  • Women's Epee
    • Karen Grant
    • Maggie Tait
  • Men's Epee
    • Hugh Kernohan
    • Alistair Urquhart
  • Women's Sabre
    • Lorna Smith
  • Men's Sabre
    • Keith Davidson


The full regional team results are 

  1. South East
  2. South West
  3. North Britain
  4. South
  5. Yorkshire
  6. North West
  7. Midlands
  8. East
  9. Wales
  10. London


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