U13 and U15 rankings

Here are the 2015-2016 Scottish Youth Rankings. This is the first year that a comprehensive ranking has been published for these age groups and this reflects the commitment Scottish Fencing has made to developing our stars of tomorrow. The points totals are based upon a fencer's best 6 results from 9 nominated competitions and this format will continue in the 2016-2017 season.

Please check these and if there are any errors/omissions please let us know as soon as possible. There was a correction to the Girls U15 Sabre - thank you for letting us know and thank you to Fiona for making such a speedy correction. The amended rankings for the Girls U15 Sabre are now listed below as V2.


201606 Boys U13 Epee ranking.pdf311.32 KB
201606 Boys U13 Foil ranking.pdf318.66 KB
201606 Boys U13 Sabre ranking.pdf317.81 KB
201606 Boys U15 Epee ranking.pdf314.34 KB
201606 Boys U15 Foil rankings.pdf316.41 KB
201606 Boys U15 Sabre ranking.pdf315.77 KB
201606 Girls U13 Epee ranking.pdf316.31 KB
201606 Girls U13 Foil ranking.pdf314.29 KB
201606 Girls U13 Sabre ranking.pdf314.21 KB
201606 Girls U15 Epee ranking.pdf322.55 KB
201606 Girls U15 Foil ranking.pdf315.56 KB
201606 Girls U15 Sabre ranking v2.pdf315.31 KB