2018 Vacancies for Elected Directors

Scottish Fencing’s Board comprises seven elected and two independent directors.  The Board appointed Morven Shaw in October to fill a casual vacancy arising from a resignation and two other vacancies arise in February when Billy Steele’s and Sheila Anderson’s terms of office expire.  The Board intends to seek nominations for three Elected Director posts, to serve for four-year terms, and hold an election in February if necessary.

The Board’s roles are to provide strategic leadership for fencing in Scotland, to oversee the activities of Scottish Fencing's staff and volunteers, to maintain its ethical standards and legal obligations, and to safeguard the mental and physical well-being of everyone fencing here.  Anyone interested in joining the Board can find out about its constitution and operation on the SF website (http://scottish-fencing.co.uk/about/board  and http://scottish-fencing.co.uk/about/company-information ).  The President, George Liston, will be happy to discuss the details, as will other members of the Board.

A request for formal nominations will be issued at the beginning of December.