Referee Mentor Scheme

Refereeing in fencing, particularly for foil and sabre, is a skill which comes from a lot of practice and building on experience. Referees can improve their skills from constructive feedback of their performance and from observing current practice.

The ideal way to improve refereeing skills is not in a classroom setting but in competitions supported by a mentor who has gone through the process of seeking feedback and learning from experience.

Scottish Fencing has developed a mentor scheme to help those wishing to develop a career in refereeing.

This is not a classroom based course. Each student referee is expected to travel to competitions and work with their mentors at appointed competitions. In return we ask student referees to support the junior series of competitions as much as possible.

Scottish Fencing is looking to support up to four ‘student referees’. Applicants should send a note of interest which is no more than 200 words on why they are interested in having a career in refereeing and why Scottish Fencing should select them.

Notes of interest need to be with by 12 June.

If you require any support to write this statement please contact the office and we can help.