Coach Education Manager – thanks to Paul Neil-MacLachlan for his long service

After service to Scottish Fencing of more years than even he can remember (but at least 16), Paul Neil-MacLachlan has decided it’s time to retire from his position as Scottish Fencing’s Coach Education Manager. Paul played a key role in developing and delivering coach education in Scotland, including the highly successful Hungarian collaboration which trained many of our current senior coaches.

Scottish Fencing is now well underway with the development and implementation of its new and modernised system which is strongly based upon the widely-accepted principles of UKCC, appropriately adapted to fencing coaching. Paul has played the leading role in developing this system, including defining and negotiating a Level 4 qualification which forms part of a UKCC-endorsed postgraduate qualification in Sports Coaching delivered by the University of Stirling.

The Current Board of Scottish Fencing – on behalf of all Scottish Fencing’s fencers and coaches would wish to thank Paul for his long service and hard work as Coach Education Manager.

We are pleased to announce that Phil Carson will immediately take over Paul’s role and we shall shortly be seeking expressions of interest from others to join the current coach group who have been working with Paul to participate in all elements in various elements of the planning, management and delivery of the new system. All enquiries regarding coach education should now be directed to Phil .

Paul has replied:-

I would like to say that it has been both a pleasure and a privilege to have served Scottish Fencing in the role of Coach Education Manager over these years. I feel my time brought much needed stability and direction to the programme and I would like to thank all those who contributed to its success and for the unwavering support of the Scottish Fencing Board. I would also like to wish all the many coaches who participated in the programme all the very best in their coaching endeavours and encourage all coaches to take advantage of the exciting new developments we have put in place.

I am very pleased that Prof Phil Carson is taking over the reins, personally I can’t think of anyone more suited to the role. Phil has done a lot of work behind the scenes helping develop the new programme and the planned use of the latest technology which will greatly enhance the learning experience and our move to professionalise coaching standards.