2016 Annual General Meeting

Scottish Fencing AGM – 9th March 2016


A number of changes have been made to the draft minutes. There are two sets below, one showing the mark up of the changes and the second draft is the one that the meeting will consider.

2015 AGM Minutes showing mark up

2015 AGM Minutes version 2

Election of Directors

No nominations to stand as Directors have been received by Scottish Fencing, other than the two currently-serving Directors Sheila Anderson and Lesley O’Donnell who had been appointed during the year by the Board to fill vacancies and who have offered to stand for formal election at the 2016 AGM.

Consequently, there will be no ballot for the election of Directors at the AGM.

Financial Report

If anyone wishes to raise questions on the accounts it would be helpful if the questions could be emailed to the SF office in advance in order to allow proper consideration of them, as it is sometimes difficult to provide detailed answers with no prior warning.


Notice of Annual General Meeting of Scottish Fencing Ltd

REVISED 18/2/2016

To be held at the offices of Scottish Fencing, Caledonia House, Redheughs Rigg Edinburgh EH12 9DQ, at 1900 on Wednesday 9th March 2016.



  1. Minute of Scottish Fencing AGM, 7th February 2015
  2. Presentation of Accounts for periods 1/9/13 -31/8/14 and 1/9/14 – 31/3/15, followed by general questions on accounts
  3. Voting on Special Resolution to alter Articles of Association of Scottish Fencing Ltd (see note)
  4. Election of Directors (see note)
  5. President’s Report on Scottish Fencing activity 2015, followed by general discussion.
  6. Awards

Refreshments will be available from 18.30.  It will be possible to attend the meeting through Skype (details to follow), to vote on the Special Resolution by proxy (see note) and to vote for Directors by email vote (see note)

This Agenda supersedes that previously published on 8th February 2016

By Order of the Board of Directors

Roy Clarke

CEO Scottish Fencing

18th February 2016

Links to notes and forms:

Special Resolution

Election of Directors

Form to stand for election as Director

Email voting system for appointment of Directors

Proxy voting form for Special Resolution

Statements from members standing for election to the board:

Sheila Anderson

Lesley O'Donnell