2018 CFC selection update

The documents below are the Men's and Women's Foil and Men's Sabre data which will be put to the selectors for the Commonwealth Championships in Canberra in November.  British Fencing has not published its July ranking lists so these are based on 11 months of our selection period.  We are not aware of any competitions in June which will have a material impact on the selection decisions.  An updated Women's Sabre is now posted below.

Fencers who wish to make any representations should send them to performance@scottish-fencing.com and selection@scottish-fencing.com as soon as possible.

Fencers are reminded of the selection criteria (noting that the requirement relating to the 2017 Five Nations has been waived):


Fencers marked in red in the documents do not meet the selection criteria and will not be considered. 

The lists have been sent directly to the fencers concerned using the e-mail addresses given when taking BF/SF membership.

20180724 - Final Men's Foil.pdf24.15 KB
20180724 - Final Men's Sabre.pdf23.22 KB
20180724 - Final Women's Foil_v2.pdf23.17 KB
20180727 - Final Women's Sabre_v2.pdf23.77 KB