2019 Challenge Wratislavia - outcome of feedback

A big thank you to all who sent comments or spoke to Ross, Scottish Fencing Director for Development regarding Challenge Wratislavia.

It is a great event and clearly been a big part of many of our younger fencers development. The outcomes from the consultation are:



  • Scottish Fencing will select U15s and U13s (three per weapon, squad of up to 36).
  • U15 selection will be based on the British Fencing Cadet rankings. The top three U15 fencers in each weapon will be selected so long as they have participated in at least two events. If there are not three U15s in the Cadet rankings for a weapon the remaining selection(s) will be made from looking at the results from YDS, SYC and LPJS using the Scottish Fencing selection policy.
  • U13 selection events will be the first two YDS of the season, the SYC and a LPJS event of your choice (fencers are allowed to fence up an age group at LJPS events, please enter U13 event)
  • Selection date will be after last Cadet event before Christmas for U15s (may vary between Weapons) and after the last YDS before Christmas for the U13s
  • If a place is turned down the 4th highest fencer will be selected instead.
  • Participation at fencers age group at SYCs is a condition of selection.
  • Selection is dependent on discipline checks raising no issues.


Part of the feedback was that SYCs are not held at a suitable time for many of our u15 and u13 athletes. For this reason and due to the consultation running late anyone who is unable to attend the SYCs this year if they are doing their DofE can apply for dispensation. Scottish Fencing will consider when the SYCs are run next year.


Travel and accommodation

Parents will have responsibility to arrange and organise travel and accommodation along the lines of British Fencing cadets. Scottish Fencing will provide coaches at the venue and selected fencers will pay a coaches’ levy (based on 36 fencers and looking at last year's costs that will be roughly £115).


Squad Training

Scottish Fencing will run three Fencer Development days after Christmas. These will be open to all. Attendance is a condition of selection for squad. It is intended that these days cover a range of performance related areas and are not just extra training days. One of the training days will be after the tournament where coaches and fencers will do an analysis. Athletes can review their performance and identify learning from the event which they can work on for future tournaments.



We will look to recruit a volunteer Squad Manager to organise event and pathway days.


We will still be seeking a volunteer fundraising manager. All funds raised will be put towards lowering the cost of this and future youth events.