2018 Challenge Wratislavia - Selection

The following fencers are selected for 2018 Challenge Wratislavia. Congratulations to all the fencers who took part in the YDS and Qualifying events.

We will send out formal invites soon to those listed below, if you already know that you do not wish to go with the squad or if you are unable to attend please email admin@scottish-fencing.com .

If you have any questions about the selection please email selection@scottish-fencing.com with your questions.

For 2018 squad, the team Manager is Chloe Dickson; we will select other staff members including coaches and chaperones soon. 

Bethany RossGirls Epee
Emma StewartGirls Epee
Haldane FalbyBoys Epee 
Lucas McKerrBoys Epee 
Felix SowerbyBoys Epee 
Murdo GlenBoys Foil 
Toby MackintoshBoys Foil 
Callum PenmanBoys Foil 
Nye Ulferts-KilpatrickBoys Foil 
Thomas WaltonBoys Foil 
Ellen BuckleyGirls Foil 
Hannah FieldingGirls Foil 
Ann-Emma HuGirls Foil 
Umaira SaqeefGirls Foil 
Amirah SofeaGirls Foil 
Zoe WagstaffGirls Foil 
Hendrix KnightBoys Sabre
Rory McLellanBoys Sabre
Rory MorrisonBoys Sabre
Finn ReekieBoys Sabre
Hugo ShawBoys Sabre
Camilla HanleyGirls Sabre
Honor PaulGirls Sabre
Lucia PaulGirls Sabre
Caitlin QuinnGirls Sabre
Caitlin RogerGirls Sabre
Charlotte Wilson-SmithGirls Sabre
Alexander TaggartBoys Epee and Foil
Mario DuricBoys Epee, Foil and Sabre
Rhys BarbourBoys Foil and Sabre