2017 Club development grants - updated!

Following a review of earlier grant applications, Scottish Fencing recognise that many clubs have been deterred from applying for grants due to the requirement to reach a set target of members. 

We appreciate that many clubs cannot afford to lose money on these activities if they failed to reach their member target. 

In order to protect clubs from this Scottish Fencing will cover successful applicants’ costs to ensure they do not lose money on activities, so long as every new/returning fencer that attends an activity becomes a member of Scottish Fencing.

For example, if a club is looking to run a women only course, they advertise it, they book the hall and hire a coach but have no uptake Scottish Fencing will still fund the expenses up to that point.

Scottish Fencing now seeks applications for the final round of grants for 2017. Grants of up to £500 are available for club development and growth. Scottish Fencing has three specific targeted areas (although we may award grants for other innovative projects which result in a growth of members)

  • Young people - primary school age fencing either plastic or metal
  • Women Beginners/Returners (highlighting the fitness element of the courses)
  • Parent and Child Sessions (which could be plastic or metal kit based family orientated courses) 

As previous rounds, grants are limited and Scottish Fencing will award these on a competitive basis. To apply, the club/coach needs to show there is a plan in place, staff are appropriately qualified and experienced and have access to the facilities and equipment necessary to deliver the proposed course.

The key criteria are:

  • Applicants need to give details of the programme, and how the club/coach will support the fencers through the course and beyond.
  • Programmes should engage an agreed number of new participants.
  • The programme should consist of a series of weekly sessions.
  • Sessions must be led by qualified coaching staff that have an awareness and experience of working with the target group. All coaching staff should have the appropriate qualifications including first aid and have a PVG check through Scottish Fencing.
  • Clubs applying should be working towards at least Standard Level in Scottish Fencing’s Swordmark club accreditation scheme. .
  • Applicants should demonstrate how the project will create sustainable activity after the initial sessions, and provide a route for all participants to be able to continue to participate in fencing regularly.
  • Each funded programme must deliver an agreed number of new members of Scottish Fencing, evidenced by a list of names and membership numbers.  Memberships may be Starter, Recreational or Competitive and the club/coach needs to join all participants to Scottish Fencing before the programme begins. (see caveat above)

Limited funds are available and Scottish Fencing will allocate grants on merit, judged by a selection group.  Scottish Fencing will release funds on receipt of a final report on the programme, including participation levels and member details.

Key dates are as follows:


Applications Open

Closing Date

Report Due


Fri 01 Dec 2017

Fri 15 Dec 2017

Fri 23 Feb 2018

To apply please email details of your project to admin@scottish-fencing.com Please send a word document which contains the following:

  • Name and contact details for your club’s project lead
  • A note of the club’s progress with regard to swordmark accreditation
  • Details of the plans for the project, including start dates
  • Names of those delivering the programme (they need to be BF registered coaches)
  • Costings
  • Outcome (how many new members is the club hoping to attract).

If you have any queries regarding the Club Grants Membership Development or need help to complete the application, please contact our Club Development Officer Alex Pearson.