Hungarian ICC (International Coaching Course)

Want to learn about the traditional Hungarian pedagogical approach to Foil, Epee and Sabre?

and learn from 

  • Béla Kopetka (Épée) coach of Géza Imre current Olympic Épée Silver medalist 
  • Akós Patócs (Sabre)
  • Dr. Lásló Szepesi (Sabre), former coach of Áron Szilágyi current Olympic Sabre Champion and former Coach of the French Olympic Gold medal Sabre Team 
  • and Csaba Kun (Foil) European Foil Champion in 1991.

Stan Stoodley has just come back from the Hungarian ICC (International Coaching Course) where the coaches listed were course leaders.

Stan is keen to share his experiences with other fencers and coaches within the Scottish Fencing Community and he will be running seminars and coach education sessions on the 18th-20th July this year in Largs as part of the Scottish Fencing national academy. 

The course was held at the Hungarian University of Physical Education (TF) in Budapest. It lasted for 3 months and covered the traditional Hungarian pedagogical approach to teaching Foil, Epee and Sabre. Alongside practical and theoretical exams in all three weapons there were exams in Training Theory, Sport Physiology, General Conditioning, Sports Injuries, Coaching Principles, Sport Sociology and Sport Psychology. There were also classes in Sports Nutrition, Human Biology, Sports Management and Research Methods.

The aim of the course was to help develop a deeper understanding of the coaching process and explore the necessary knowledge, experience and skills for successful coaching. While there are many social, psychological and physiological benefits from taking part in physical activity the primary focus of the course was on the process of progression for both the coach and athlete to achieve elite performance. And as such most of the lecturers were currently or had previously worked with Olympic and or World Champions in their respective sports.

The course leaders for fencing were, Béla Kopetka for Épée (the coach of Géza Imre - current Olympic Épée Silver medalist- for 20 Years), Akós Patócs and Dr. Lásló Szepesi for Sabre (former coach of Áron Szilágyi - current Olympic Sabre Champion- and former Coach of the French Olympic Gold medal Sabre Team) and for Foil Csaba Kun who was European Foil Champion in 1991.

Stan says "The course was very stimulating as it helped me to contextualise my current understanding of the relationship between the coach and athlete and the key concepts, principles and areas of specialised knowledge necessary for the long term development of a successful partnership leading to elite performance outcomes.

It helped me to deeply understand that elite performance is not something that can be developed quickly over a short period of time but requires a slow methodological approach with a well planned structure. Built in monitoring and measuring tools are necessary to adapt to the changing variables, circumstances and challenges that both the coach and the athlete have to meet and overcome.

It also made me realise that the teaching skills of being able to facilitate the opportunity for student learning through setting up the correct distances, timing and technical execution are only a part of the coaching process and that in order to achieve elite performance much more understanding of the coaching process as a whole is necessary."

Stan will be running seminars at the 2017 Summer Camp, 18 - 20 July at the National Training Centre Largs, and you can book your place here.

Photo with kind permission from Gav McMenemy

If you can't attend the camp Stan may be available for individual or group lessons. (contact Stan at if this is of interest).