2017 European Veteran Fencing Championships, 25 -28 May

Mike McKay finishes 8th! Great Britain won 2 gold, 4 silver and 10 bronze medals at the 2017 European Veteran Fencing Championships - a very successful event! 

The Championships (individual) are held every 2 years and this year the lovely Italian town of Chiavari near Genoa was the host. This is an open event and there were over 1470 fencers across all 6 weapons in all age groups.

There were 8 fencers from Scotland who entered.

Kevin Milne and Paul Stanbridge                             MF 40-49

Mike McKay and Mike McEwan                                MF 50-59

Karen Grant and Maggie Tait                                  WE 50-59

Michele Narey                                                       WS 50-59

Viv Frith                                                               WS 70+

Mike McEwan                                                        ME 50-59

In the men’s foil 50-59 on the Thursday there were 92 fencers and both Mikes were in action and gained victories in the poules with Mike McKay ranked 35 and Mike McEwan ranked 52. Mike McEwan won his first DE but then lost in the 64 and ended up being placed 50th. Mike McKay got a bye then stormed through the last 64, 32 and 16 fights 10/3, 10/5 and 9/8 respectively earning a place in the last 8 where he lost to Bel of France, the eventual winner. Final placing was a fantastic 8th.

On Friday Kevin and Paul were amongst 82 fencers and ranked 60 and 38th after the poules respectively. Paul bot a bye in the 128 and Kevin won his 128 fight but they then both lost in the last 64. Final placings Paul 42nd and Kevin 58th.

Also on Friday Karen and Maggie were also fencing. There were 78 in their category and after the poules Karen was ranked 42nd and Maggie 55th. Maggie won her 128 fight then they both lost the last 64 fights. Final placings were Karen 45th and Maggie 55th.

On Saturday Michele was in action. There were 31 fencers and she was placed 21st after the poules and a nervy start. However, she then stormed through the next two rounds winning 10/3 and 10/8 to get to the last 8. Here she fenced Alexandrova (RUS) and managed to win the last point at 9 all with a single light whilst retreating getting her into the last 4 where she then had the top seed Janshen (GER) losing 10/4 and getting her the bronze medal. Picture (by Gillian Aghajan) is Michelle receiving her bronze medal.

Mike McEwan was the only Scot to do two weapons and he was back to do epee on the Sunday. This had a huge entry of 210 and a very early start! He won 2 fights in the poule giving him a ranking of 155. In the last 256 DE he then drew a German and lost giving him a final placing of 163

On the Sunday Viv was fencing in the 70+ sabre and there were 11 fencers in the category. She won all her fights in the first round and was ranked first after the poules. She then fenced her way straight through to the final where she beat the most decorated French fencer Marie Chantal Demaille 10/5 to win the gold. A fantastic result. Picture (by Gillian Aghajan) is Viv receiving her gold medal.

Also before the competition started congress met and Karen Grant was voted in as Secretary/Treasurer for the European Veterans fencing for the next 4 years. Karen has worked extremely hard for Scottish Veteran fencing and the Europeans Veterans Fencing Association will benefit greatly from her efforts in the coming years.