2017 BYC results

The full list of results from the BYC are here

Highlights so far are Joe Donaghue U14 Epee Champion, Milenka Zadora U14 Girls Foil and Jamie Cooke U12 Foil Champion! And there were another 15 top 8 finishes!


Congratulations to all who took part and we hope to have a summary of all the Scot's results soon. If you have any pictures please send them in it will be great to see all the medalists.

Boys Sabre

In the boys' sabre Ethan Llewelyn (7th u18) and Rory McLellan (7th u14) both made the Final 8 tableau to clinch a podium place and a medal.

There were Last 16 finishes for Sam Freeman (9th u16) and Toby Carter (12th u18) while Rory Morrison (27th u12), Mario Duric (31st u14) and Jerry Beamish (29th u16) all went out in the Last 32."

Photos courtesy of Phil Carson and Salle Ossian.

Girls sabre:

Within the girls sabre, Scotland was not represented at each age group.  However, although few in number, there was no shortage of quality.  In her first year at the BYC’s Charlotte Wilson Smith achieved a last 8 placing, finishing a very creditable 5th.  Elise Llewelyn, used her experience to achieve a podium place, gaining a bronze medal knocking out Rachel Lever in the Last 8.

The sabres’, both boys and girls all exhibited real quality and maturity in both the quality of their fencing and their attitude.  A very promising outlook for the future.  Well done to all.


Girls' Epee

In the girls' epee, Daisy Foniciello (of Scotland Central & Edinburgh FC) came away with the top result, finishing 7th out of 37 in the Girls Under 18 event.

Rachel Lever finished with a Top 16 (11th) in the Girls Under 16 event, beating fellow team-mate Lucy Grant (26th) in the L32. Lucy was joined by Zoe Counter (18th), Emilia Robson (19th) and Alex Stewart (22nd).

In the Under 14’s, Keira Papadopoulos (29th) finished the highest Scot, with Emma Stewart (33rd), Dana Fielding (35th) and Bethany Ross (50th) all making Last 64 results.

A huge well done to all who travelled to Sheffield, and took part in the high standard British Youth Championships.

Boys' Epee

There was a great Scottish Boy's Epee turn-out at the BYCs with 12 fencers representing all 4 Scottish regions making the journey down to Sheffield.

In the Under 14s, Joe Donaghue (Scotland West) bettered his bronze medal last year by winning the gold in a strong field of 59 fencers. Also making the L8 was Alexander Taggart (Scotland Central) after he overturned his D/E seeding 3 times to get there, including beating the No.1 seed on the way.

In the Under 16s, Dylan Morrison (Scotland East), Isaac McKerr (Scotland Central) and Fraser O'Brien (Scotland Central) all made the L8 in a field of 56 fencers. Robbie Brown (Scotland Central) unfortunately missed out on joining them after losing his L16 match 14-15 but still finished in a very respectable 9th.

In the Under 18s, Alex Papadopoulos (Scotland Central) put in a creditable performance as he made the L16 in another strong field of 41 fencers.

The hard work that all the boys have put in this season is starting to bring results and the camaraderie between all the Scottish Boy's Epeeists is fantastic to see.

Full Results

Under 14s

1st - Joe Donaghue (Scotland West)

8th - Alexander Taggart (Scotland Central)

22nd - Mario Duric (Scotland East)

51st - Adam Taggart (Scotland Central)


Under 16s

5th - Dylan Morrison (Scotland East)

7th - Isaac McKerr (Scotland Central)

8th - Fraser O'Brien (Scotland Central)

9th - Robbie Brown (Scotland Central)

22nd - Adam Bryson (Scotland Central)

32nd - Oran McKenna (Scotland North)


Under 18s

11th - Alex Papadopoulos (Scotland Central)

28th - Christopher Carr (Scotland Central)


BYC 2017 Girls' Foil report

Scotland put out a good group of girls, with 9 Scots from Scotland East and 5 from Scotland Central:54 under-12s (5 Scots), 51 under 14s (6 Scots), 46 under-16s (2 Scots) and only 24 under-18s (1 Scot)

At under-12 Hannah Fielding performed well and finished 7th to earn a certificate and a bye for next year’s event.

U12 Scottish Results:

7th – Hannah Fielding (Scotland Central)

15th – Zoe Wagstaff (Scotland East)

19th – Emma Hu (Scotland East)

46th – Anna Conlin (Scotland East)

47th – Caroline Schmautz (Scotland Central)

Our biggest group was in the under-14s, which saw an all-Scotland East Final between Milenka Zadora and Amirah Sofea. Milenka showed nerves of steel in a couple of close scrapes (15-14) on her way to taking the final 15-8 over her Scotland East section-mate Amirah. Well done to our medalists who put on a great show! Umaira Saqeef had to be content with her last 32 after a courageous performance on an injured knee. It is always unfortunate when Scots draw each other and this wasn’t confined to the final – Ellen Buckley knocking out Emily O’Brien (last 64) and Milenka eliminating Keira Papadopoulos (last 32).

U14 Scottish Results:

Gold – Milenka Zadora (Scotland East)

Silver – Amirah Sofea (Scotland East)

17th – Umaira Saqeef (Scotland East)

22nd – Keira Papadopoulos (Scotland Central)

32nd – Ellen Buckley (Scotland East)

33rd – Emily O’Brien (Scotland Central)

In the under-16s we only had 2 competitors, both gaining promotion to the Direct Elimination with Sasha Htet-Marshall going out in the last 64 and Fiona Russell being eliminated in the last 32.

U16 Scottish Results:

31st – Fiona Russell (Scotland Central)

35th – Sasha Htet-Marshall (Scotland East)

The under-18s saw a small field of 24 with only 1 Scottish Fencer – Mhairi McLaughlin who’s 7th place earn’s her a bye into next year’s finals along with Amirah, Hannah and Milenka.

U18 Scottish Results:

7th – Mhairi McLaughlin

Well done to the Scottish contingent for supporting each other in the manner we have come to expect and admire! We would also like to thank the organisers for a well run and enjoyable event. 

And just in Imogen Cooke was 3rd at the Under 10 Girls Foil. Another great result!

BYC’s Boy’s Foil Report

Scotland was represented at all the age groups in Boy’s Foil through Scotland East, West, and Central, and in total had 17 fencers competing over the weekend.


This was the first event of the weekend and the Scottish Regions had Finlay McAndrew (East) and Louis Bryson (Central) competing in a field of 48.  Louis unfortunately exited in the L64 and Finlay in the L32.  Results;

23rd - Finlay McAndrew

33rd – Louis Bryson

Alexander Jones (North West), who represented Scotland in last year’s School Games came in 7th.


This was our largest field with 6 competitors taking part in a field of 58.  Coming out of the Poules, there were good positions for Duncan Morrison (3rd seed) who didn’t drop a fight, and Dylan Roberts (12th seed).   Angus Crawford, Peter Conlin, and Gabriel Steele (14-15) all went out in the L64, and Isaac McKerr fell in the L32.  Dylan Roberts fought well until going out in L16 to one of the finalists, and Duncan Morrison finishing as the highest placed Scot, going out in the L8 to the eventual winner but earning a podium place and bye for next year.  Results;

5th – Duncan Morrison

11th – Dylan Roberts

31st – Isaac McKerr

43rd – Peter Conlin

44th – Angus Crawford

50th – Gabriel Steele


Five Scots took part in the U14 section in a field of 69, with Rhys Barbour exiting the Poules as 4th seed.  Brothers Alexander and Adam Taggart both fell in the L64, and Mario Duric in the L32, and then we unfortunately had the first all Scotland clash, with Joe Donaghue narrowly beating Rhys Barbour (15-12) in the L32.  Joe Battled through his L16 fight but fell in L8 to earn his second podium place of the weekend.  Results;

8th - Joe Donaghue

17th – Rhys Barbour

22nd – Mario Duric

48th – Alexander Taggart

51st – Adam Taggart



The U12’s was the last event of the weekend but arguably saved the best till last.  Four Scots took part in the event out of a field of 67, with Thomas Walton unfortunately missing out through illness.  Jamie Cook (defending champion) and Callum Penman both exited the poules with a full suite of victories, with Jamie only dropping two hits!  In the DE’s, Nye Ulferts-Kilpatrick went out in the L64 with the remaining three making it through to L16, where Michael Ramage fell to one of the finalists.  Sadly we then had our second all Scotland match with Jamie and Callum coming up against each other in the L8, and Jamie coming out with the victory.  He carried this through to the final successfully defending his title, a fantastic result.

Overall Results;

1st – Jamie Cook

7th – Callum Penman

13th – Michael Ramage

43rd - Nye Ulferts-Kilpatrick

Overall, a great set of results, and some excellent camaraderie amongst the team supporting each other throughout the event.