2017 Selection for UK School Games

2017 School Games Selection Information

The event is held at Loughborough University between Thursday 31st – Sunday 3rd September 2017. The selected fencers must commit to arriving & leaving on these dates & must attend the closing ceremony on the Sunday.

To be eligible fencers must be born 1999-2003, i.e. U18 and O13 at the start of the calendar year.

There are 3 fencers allowed selected for the individual event of which 2 will fence in the mixed team



  1. You must be a British Citizen and hold a UK passport.
  2. You must also be eligible to represent GBR at international level
  3. You must be a member of Scottish Fencing
  4. You must be eligible to represent Scotland as described in the Scottish Fencing Eligibility Criteria Document: – http://www.scottish-fencing.com/scottish-team/2015/09/07/eligibility-fence-scotland

In addition, you must:

  • Have been a member of Scottish Fencing for at least a year at the time of selection.


Automatic Selections:

The top two places in the 1st April GB Junior Rankings in each weapon will be selected automatically as long as they are in the top 75% of the GB Junior rankings with points.


Discretionary Selections:

The final place will be selected by the Scottish Fencing Team Selection Group.  If there are less than two fencers in the first two automatic selection places (as described above) then these places will also be considered as discretionary and will be selected by the Scottish Fencing Team Selection Group.

The selectors reserve the right to omit a fencer from selection if they deem that fencer’s disciplinary record to be unsatisfactory.


The only grounds for appeal will be a material inaccuracy in the rankings used for selection.  Fencers are responsible for reporting ranking inaccuracies to the specific weapon ranking co-ordinator.

Any such appeal should be made in writing to the Scottish Fencing Administrator at the Scottish Fencing office within two weeks of the publication of the relevant rankings on the British fencing website.  Appeals will be decided by the Scottish Fencing Board whose decision shall be final.


Bill Steele 

SF Director for Team Selection