Positive Coaching Scotland – Parent Workshop

Want your fencer to get the best experience from their sport? As a parent or carer of a fencer, perhaps one of your most important roles is to help your child understand the important life lessons to be gained from their participation in sport. This seminar, run by Positive Coaching Scotland, aims to provide parents and carers with the framework and tools for building a positive sporting experience.  Further details on PCS and what it’s all about can be found here.

This workshop will build on the previous one held in September.  Don’t worry if you missed it as everyone is welcome, regardless of prior attendance.

These are the topics that the next Positive Coaching Scotland seminar will cover

How parents develop and support their child in sport.

1. Explore the role of a coach, a parent and an athlete.

2. Identify how these roles support and link into each other to develop athletes.

3. Create tangible ideas of what this will look like.

Fencing is a technical and tactical sport. How can you support your fencer at the side of the piste? This interactive session explores ways in which a parent can support their child in those situations where the coach needs to give technical/tactical advice and as a parent you want to provide support and encouragement? You may not have the fencing knowledge or expertise; how do your messages as parent support add to the coach’s messages? And for DE fights you only have one minute …

Mind set. 

1. What is mindset?

2. How does a growth mindset help athletes?

3. What can parents do to help this process?

4. Create tangible ideas to help develop a growth mindset in their children.

Your fencer is about to go on against the top seed? Having a growth mindset can really help in that situation.  This part of the session looks at what parents and carers can do and say in the home to help create a growth mindset. No fencing experience or knowledge required. This is how a non-fencing parent can really help with their child’s fencing ambitions.

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If you find that you are unable to attend, please email don@scottish-fencing.com as soon as possible.

Date:     Sunday 14th May 2017

Time:     09.30am – 12.30pm

Cost:      Free

Venue: Queen Anne High School (Broomhead Park, Dunfermline. KY12 0PQ)