Obituary - Mike Rollinson

We recently heard the sad news that Mike Rollinson passed away on the 30 January 2016. Mike started fencing at a young age and pursued it through his physics studies at Edinburgh University. He ended up with a varied career in IT and weather forecasting systems that enabled a fair amount of travel. After many years out of fencing due to work, Mike took fencing up again in his early forties to get fit but the competitive bug bit again and he would travel with other club members to Open competitions in Scotland and England.

Mike’s bladework was very neat and very fast and many a good fencer learned their lesson at the end of his point even when he couldn’t move as fast as he would have liked. Mike was also one of the first members of the Scottish veterans fencing team and earned the coveted Scotland tracksuit. Unfortunately, in recent years, ill health took it’s toll on Mike, he rarely fenced and his wife Hazel died only a few months ago. By those who knew him at Aberdeen City Fencing Club, the veterans fencing scene and many other places, Mike will be remembered as a good friend, a fierce competitor and someone who spoke his mind so his rare compliments were worth keeping.