News from the Boardroom

Scottish Fencing’s board of directors met on 27 June 2012 with all five directors attending: Graeme Hart, Chris Hyde, Mike O’Donnell, Ed Rogers and Stan Stoodley. Apologies for absence were received from Ewen Cameron, Scottish Fencing’s partnership manager at Sportscotland. The meeting opened at 6.45 pm with Mike O’Donnell taking the chair.

Sportscotland SGB HR Health Check

Ed Rogers briefed the board on the findings of a “Health Check” performed by the company under contract to Sportscotland to provide expert advice to sports governing bodies on HR matters. Some issues had been highlighted, with guidance offered on improving practice. Amongst other things, it would be necessary to create a system of structured personnel files, to review the contracts of existing members of staff, and to institute a process for the annual review of staff performance and pay. It was agreed that Ed should be the board member responsible for managing the completion of the actions required.

Heriot Watt University Sports Centre

Mike O’Donnell reported on further discussions with Heriot Watt University about the use of their sports centre. There was the potential to use the sports centre’s facilities for all but the largest fencing competitions, training events and courses. Their management had made proposals; he was negotiating on the price.

Schools Events and Team Selection

The board discussed the process for selecting junior teams. A majority of board members were strongly opposed to taking into account only the results gained at competitions in Scotland, primarily because it would make judging fencers’ relative performances more difficult and also because, for events such as the UK School Games, the selection criteria were set by British Fencing. The board would, however, be willing to bolster, even more so than at present, the consideration given to Scottish results for discretionary picks for teams. Graeme Hart was to ask the Performance Committee to consider how best this might be achieved.

Elite Funding

Graeme Hart announced that the application process for elite funding would be launched in the next few days, with the closing date for applications set for 31 July. It was planned to offer awards to the successful applicants by the end of August. In the light of recent experience, the conditions attached to the awards would be stricter than hitherto.

Social Media: Updating Responsibilities

The board discussed responsibilities and procedures in relation to the use of the new website, Facebook, and Twitter. It was agreed to create a new email alias – – to receive all competition results.


Scottish Open 2013

Mike O’Donnell informed the board that he had booked Halls 1 & 2 at Meadowbank for the Scottish Open, which would take place on 5/6 January 2013.

Carol Wengraf

The board received with sadness the news that the well-known veteran fencer, Carol Wengraf, had died from natural causes whilst fencing in a foil bout at the recent Celtic Challenge, held in Spain.

Dates of Next Board Meetings

The following dates were set:

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Wednesday 12 September 2012 (previously  set for 5 September)

Wednesday 17 October 2012


Mike O’Donnell closed the meeting at 9.00 pm.