Scottish Fencing Academy 2015

Happy New Year Scottish Fencer!

We are delighted to announce that the first Scottish Fencing Academy training day will be on Sunday 18th January, probably in St Anne’s HS, Dunfermline (to be confirmed).

Here are just a few good reasons to take part;

  • It’s the week before The Scottish Open, and you want to be ‘up to speed’ after Christmas and New Year!
  • It’s two weeks before the final under 15 qualifier for Wratislava!
  • You are feeling sluggish after a great Festive break and it’s about time you started getting into shape.
  • You want to qualify to represent Scotland at the Cadet and Junior Commonwealths in Capetown, South Africa this year…and do well.
  • You want to benefit from top fencing Coaches and an expert Strength & Fitness Coach!
  • You are prepared to work hard to take your fencing to the next level!

If one or more of the above apply to you, then sign up for the Scottish Fencing Academy.

There’s only one form to fill out to join SFA 2014-15. After that you simply let Liz at the Scottish Fencing Office know that you want to take part and arrange to pay Scottish Fencing £25 per training day (of course we won’t turn you away if you just turn up on the day). The office opens again on the 5th.

The dates earmarked for SFA training are...

  • Sunday 18th January
  • Sunday 22nd February
  • Sunday 29th March
  • Sunday 17th May
  • Plus a long weekend event shortly before the Cadet/Junior Commonwealths on the weekend of 27th & 28th June

We look forward to working with you towards a successful 2015!

SFA information form 2015.pdf43.54 KB