Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014

The Commonwealth Fencing Championships (both Senior Open & Veteran events) are being held in Largs between the 10th and 15th November for the Seniors and the 16th and 19th November for the Veterans event.  

We have over 300 fencers competing in the Senior event and the same in the Veterans Championships so it's one of the largest Commonwealth Championships there has been.  We will have a 700 seat tiered seating module in place overlooking a 5 piste FIE spec layout.  Medal matches will be held on a raised piste and all matches from last 16 stage onwards will be run under proffesional stage lighting.   A 6m wide video wall behind the finals piste will provide updates and info throughout the day and replays of the fencing during the evening medal matches. 

If you would like to come along it's free to enter all day but you will need a ticket for the evening medal matches.  Details on how to buy are online here.   There are no tickets for the veterans event medal matches.   

There will be high quality food and drink available throughout the event including an espresso coffee bar, gourmet street food, premium local ice cream and a full bar.   There will also be a merchandise shop. 

If you can't make it along you'll be able to watch the senior event live from last 16 stage onwards from around 1330/1400  each day.  Medal matches start at 1800 and will filmed on 5 cameras.   All matches from last 16 stage onwards will be available to watch on Youtube afterwards.  

If you'd like to help us before or during the event please email