Workshop on concussion awareness

At the SFA training day on 22nd Feb we are going to hold a workshop on concussion awareness between 2pm and 4pm. Dr Willie Stewart, Consultant Neuropathologist, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor will run the workshop.

Please email to register your place, the workshop is FREE but there are only 20 places.

Until very recently, it was assumed only boxers risked damaging their brains in the name of 'sport'. However, with growing reports of retired, non-boxer athletes exposed to repetitive concussion developing 'boxers' dementia', including footballers and rugby players, it is clear it is the damage to the brain that is important, not the game it occurs in. As a result, sports around the world are working to reduce risk of head injuries and, where they do occur, ensure best management. However, whilst this activity might be well intended, a lack of coordinated thought and misplaced assumptions on risk result in concussions being managed by the laws and regulations of a sport, if at all. This talk will provide background on what a concussion is, the immediate and longer term complications of this 'mild' brain injury and current strategies in education and awareness and in ensuring best management. Fencing's important contribution to concussion will also be discussed.