Scottish Fencing Coaching Network; Level One Coaching Course (Free!)

Since the summer a group of our most experienced coaches have ben meeting with NDO

Alan Martin and Coaching Manager Paul Neil McLachlan. The aim of setting up this group

has been to rewrite our coach education courses and expand the workforce of course

tutors. Those involved to date have ben: Phil Carson, David Rollo, Keith Cook, Sean Walton,

Charity McArdle, Loraine Rose, and Ken Rose.


The UKC framework is being used to produce a robust, well structured system focused on

how to coach rather than what to coach.  At levels 4 and 5 we have already had discussions

with Stirling University to offer a Masters Degree at Level 5 and a Diploma at Level 4.


Currently we have just completed the new Level 1 manuals and course and we are looking

to run a pilot for anyone interested in coming on board. Level 1 is a 2 day course and on

completion it will qualify you to be an assistant metal coach in the weapon chosen by



Course Dates: 10th and 1th January 2015, 9am til 4pm

Cost: Free! (As this is a pilot Scottish Fencing will cover costs)

Venue: St Columba High School, Gourock, PA19 1TP


Please complete the application form and return by Monday 5th January 2014