North Section Clubs

Culloden Fencing Club

The club is run as an evening class at the Culloden Academy Community Complex. The minimum age for attendance is 8 years.

Orkney Fencing Club

Minimum age 10 years.

Welfare Officer: Moya Nelson

Club Coach: Sam McCarlie

Coaching assistant: Maggie Tait 

Aberdeen City Fencing Club

Our club aims to promote the sport of fencing in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our fully qualified coaches offer a range of lessons in all three weapons - Foil, Epee and Sabre. These include footwork sessions, blade-work class lessons and individual lessons. The above mentioned lessons are available for children and adults, whether novices, social fencers or competitive fencers.

Elgin Duellist Fencing Club

Club is for anyone aged 11+

The newsletters give a great flavour of the club and it's members of all ages. Have a read and find out more about fencing in Elgin.


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