Scottish Fencing Needs Women Directors

Scottish Fencing is committed to having a truly representative Board of Directors that reflects the make-up of SF membership.  All of the current directors are male.

We are therefore seeking expressions of interest from women who feel they can contribute to the management and governance of Scottish Fencing. 

If you have any interest in making a contribution, in any way, please contact Roy Clarke roy@scottish-fencing.com or any other Board member for an informal discussion.

Scottish Fencing - Website Content Manager

SF require a volunteer to provide overall ‘content management' for their forthcoming new website.

Position will report to the SF board and responsibilities will include:

  • Ensure overall coherence of website content, style and messaging
  • Provide content/style guidelines and standards to all contributors
  • Partition content management tasks into different areas...
  • ...and identify/encourage appropriate volunteers for each area
  • Agree level of "editorial gating" (and therefore website editing permissions) for all contributors with approp
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