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Veterans Home International 2016

This year's 4 Nations team match will be in Durham on the weekend of April 9th/10th.

Selection of the teams will be in line with the published criteria, so will be decided a month before the event.

The schedule of competitons is:


  • Women's Foil and Men's Sabre : check-in 9:30 am for 10 am start
  • Men's Foil and Women's Sabre : check-in 1:30 pm for 2 pm start


Veterans Home International 2015 - Results

After an exciting weekend of fencing the final ordering came down to the last match, Women's Team Foil between Scotland and England.  In the end it was a convicing win 45-29 by the Scottish team of Sheila Anderson, Maria Cabrelli and Helen Pitt - ensuring Scotland's 2nd place in the overall competition.

Veterans Home International 2015 - Team Selection

Congratulations to the following fencers on being selected to represent Scotland at the forthcoming Veterans Home Nations event to be held at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff on the 18/19 April.


Men's Epee

  • John Chalmers
  • Ruadh Drummond
  • Hugh Kernohan (Captain)
  • Mike McEwan

Women's Epee

  • Karen Grant (Captain)
  • Maggie Tait
  • Lorna Smith


Men's Foil

Veterans Home International 2015

This year will be in Cardiff, April 18-19. We will post more details soon but this is to make Veterans aware that selection of the team will be in line with the published criteria, so will be decided a month before. This means that where the selection uses the BF ranking, it will be the one published at start of March.

Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championships 2014: Team Selection

The following fencers have been selected to represent Scotland in the teams competitions in the CVFC2014 in Largs.


Men's Epee

  • George Liston (Captain)
  • Hugh Kernohan
  • Mike McEwan
  • James Rhodes


Women's Epee

  • Elanne Christie
  • Karen Grant (Captain)
  • Lorna Smith
  • Maggie Tait


Men's Foil

Scotland Win Celtic Challenge 2014

This year's Celtic Challenge held in South Queensferry was won by the Scottish Veterans' Team.  

The Dragon Trophy for the overall event was awarded to Karen Grant, the Scottish Women's Epee captain and organiser of the event.The Dragon Trophy

Individual Weapon Results

Men's Epee

Veterans' 4 Nations 2014 Results

Scotland took 2nd place in the Veterans' 4 Nations Event held in Edinburgh on the weekend of 26th/27th April.  

The Scotland's Men's Foil team won Gold in their match.

Here are the points standings at the end of the event:

Veterans Weapon Captains 2014

Weapon Captains are appointed for the Scotland Veterans events, and they apply the selection criteria to pick the members of the team (which can be up to 5, on the basis that the Captain may be fencing). Scotland hosts three major events this year. The following are the appointments for the first event in 2014 (the Veterans Home International):

Men's Foil: Mike McEwan
Men's Epee: Brian McMiken
Men's Sabre: Paul Donaldson

Ladies Foil: Sheila Anderson
Ladies Epee: Karen Grant
Ladies Sabre: Michele Narey

CVFC2014 - Planned Running Order

The planned order of events is summarised below - please note the scheduling of each day's activity is underway so the order within each day may need some adjustment:


For the events hosted in Scotland next year we have tentative dates and general locations which are:

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