Armoury Course

Sat, 25 May 2019
Linlithgow Academy, EH49 6EH

This is a full-day course will cover everything a fencer, parent, or new club armourer will need to learn in order to repair and maintain personal and club fencing equipment. A must for all competitive fencers and club armourers. You can book your place HERE

The course will consist of short lecture demonstrations of the skills and tricks of the armourer’s trade followed by practical tutorial sessions. Apprentices will be given the opportunity to trace and repair typical faults in electrical fencing equipment. Alternatively you may wish to bring and repair your own club equipment, with experienced armourers on hand and ready to answer any questions.

Full course notes will also be provided. They include circuit diagrams, point designs, a toolkit list, fault tracing routine and a list of common fault symptoms - their causes and cures.

Course Contents:?

  • Foil

  • Epee

  • Sabre

  • Bodywires

  • Spools and ground leads

  • Fault tracing

We will specifically look at:

  •    Principles of Operation

  •    Manufacturer variations

  •    Care and maintenance

  •    Common fault modes

  •    Repairs

  •    Rewiring

  •    Assembly

  •    FIE Regulations