Bill Steele

Director (Selection Manager)
Day Job: 
Project Manager for Electronics Company

Key responsibilities: as Team Selection Manager it is my intention to make the selection process clear and concise, and to remove any ambiguity over the team selection process for fencers looking to compete for Scotland

Background: At present I am a project manager with a large electronics company based in Edinburgh and I have a number of transferable skills that can be utilised for my role as a director of Scottish Fencing (SF).

I volunteered to join the board of SF in 2015, mainly because I was already involved in providing help and support at both SF and YDS events. Once I became involved, it became clear that fencing events will not take place without the support of volunteers and parents.

Although I am not a fencer, and in fact, have never even tried it! I have always been a keen sports person and participated in numerous sports at various levels. At one time, I played a lo of football, but unfortunately had to give up through a serious knee injury.

Fencing is a huge sport throughout the world, but unfortunately a minority sport in Scotland. In order to survive and function, it requires the support and commitment of volunteers and supportive family members.

Through supporting my wife and kids with their fencing, I have grown to appreciate the level of skill and commitment required to become a successful fencer. I would love to see fencing become a more mainstream sport in Scotland where the top fencers receive the recognition they deserve.